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Solar System

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This page contains information about the solar system.


Gizmos from Explore Learning - see information below


- Every Gizmo in the library can be used up to 5 minutes each per day without a paid subscription.

- Click on Get Started Now in the New Gizmos - Our Elementary Science Gizmos for Grades 3-5

- Scroll down and click on Browse the Elementary Science Gizmo Library

- Select Earth Science under the Science 3-5 grouping

- Select Astronomy

- One will see Gizmos such as Phases of the Moon, Eclipse, Ocean Tides, Solar System, and Gravity Pitch come up.

- Once the Gizmo is launched, one may access a Student Exploration Guide and Vocabulary Sheet under the Lesson Materials.


Moon Phase Activity - hands on experience with the moon phases


Solar Eclipse - animation which shows how a solar eclipse occurs


Star Child - a learning center for young astronomers, under Level 1, the program is read to the students by the computer


Your Weight on Other Worlds - Ever wonder what you might weigh on Mars or the Moon? Here's your chance to find out.



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