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Websites for science content

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This page contains links to help the elementary science teacher with science content.

Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list (ends with Weather Web Sites).


4th Grade Science Vocabulary Review - interactive PowerPoint Presentation that reviews science vocabulary for the 4th grade NYS science test


Astronomy and Space Web Sites - sorted by age level


Brain Pop Jr. - science topics information


Chem for Kids - basic information about chemistry for kids or anyone


Chemistry and Physics Web Sites - sorted by age level


Elementary Science Topics - various science topics for the elementary classroom


eNature - bringing nature to life


Enchanted Learning - science pages and activities


General Science Web Sites - sorted by age level


Geology Web Sites - sorted by age level


Homework Help for the Jr. Scientist - activities and information about science for the young (and young at heart) scientist


How the Body Works - short clips about how the different body systems work


Living Environment Web Sites - sorted by age level


NASA's Kid Science News Network - contains short videos on different science topic


Nine (Eight) Planets for Kids - Kids can explore the solar system.  Includes facts and pictures.


StarChild - a space learning center, reads the content to the viewer


Weather Web Sites - sorted by age level





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