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Websites for using technology in the classroom

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This page contains help with using technology in the classroom. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list (ends with Wikis and Blogs in Education).


4Teachers.org - teaching with technology, home of RubiStar (online rubric maker)


Discovery School and Kathy Shrock - ideas and tips for using technology in the classroom


Eduhound - does the searching for you, check out the different topics for help in the classroom


Graphic Organizers:


      Descriptions of different types of graphic organizers - pictures of graphic organizers included


      Teacher Tap - strategies and resources for using graphic organizers in the classroom


      Teacher Vision - Graphic Organizers


Helpful Teacher Sites - iKeepBookmarks for many web sites to help teachers 


How to Incorporate Technology into the Classroom - help with many computer applications and how to bring them into one's classroom


Internet Tools and Strategies - integrating the Internet into the curriculum


One Computer Classroom - strategies for using one computer in a classroom


On-Line Technology Tutorials - help with different technology applications


Task Cards - instructions and examples of how to make and use a Task Card for a computer activity


Tiny URL - use this web site to make a long URL into a short URL


Wikis and Blogs in Education - wiki about wikis and blogs in education



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